A Walk After Dark by Kirra Pierce

Loose Id

Polyamorous Shape-shifter Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-553-1

Reviewed by Willow



The Brethren are the protectors of the people. They protect against the ravers, mindless killer werewolves, but can never forget the beast within themselves. Brethren must feed their own animals at each full moon. Itís the only way to keep their beasts under control.

Raphael has been on a mission for the past three moons. He has denied his beast for far too long. He needs a woman and the one he encounters is perfect as far as he can see. His hope is that she will fill his request. Miranda is a healer and does not willingly allow anyone to suffer. When an unbelievably beautiful man steps out of the shadows and lets his needs be known, Miranda can only help him.

Raphaelís mission is to gather information on rumors of an organized group of ravers. Before he can deliver his report, ravers attack Mirandaís village. Now he can do nothing but help. The villagers have to be ready for another attack. Even as his beast claims Miranda as its own.

While I enjoyed A Walk After Dark, I got confused. Who was the main pairing? Was it Raphael and Miranda who were introduced first? Or was it Cyn, Ty and Cassandra from A Walk in the Woods? I liked what I read and I will read the next story to come along but I kept thinking Iíd missed something. It was very disconcerting. I did enjoy A Walk After Dark as the next part of a very good adventure with really hot sex.


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