A Seduction at Christmas by Cathy Maxwell

Scandals and Seductions, Book 1



ISBN: 978-0061350986

Reviewed by Shayna



Once, Dominic Lynsted, Duke of Holburn trusted somebody and lost something precious because of it.  While on his Grand Tour, Nick befriended Andres Ramigio Peiró, Barón de Vasconia, and the barón stole Nick’s signet ring and abandoned Nick at Delphi.  But when Nick wakes up in the presence of Delphi’s famed Oracle, his life takes a turn.  Armed with the Oracle’s mysterious prophesy, “Beware innocence,” Nick returns to England, vowing revenge against Andres.  Years later, Nick finally has a lead on Andres.  His quest leads him to a small inn, but the person he meets is definitely not the barón.

Fiona Lachlan knows all too well how fate can bring one low.  Desperate for rent money, Fiona takes a job from one of London’s most notorious courtesans.  The assignment is simple – slip some (non-deadly) poison into the drink of Lord Belkins.  Yet it’s Nick, not Lord Belkins, Fiona meets, and each knows something is not quite right.  And when assassins burst in, ready to kill Nick, the two must band together to survive.  Neither Nick nor Fiona trust one another.  But danger serves as a powerful draw between the two.  As does desire…

Fate takes charge and brings two lovers together in this sparkling romance by Cathy Maxwell.  A Seduction at Christmas is an engaging blend of love, passion, danger, and destiny with two protagonists who are sure to claim your heart.

When I first met Fiona in her brother Gordon’s book, In the Highlander’s Bed, I admired her inner strength and wondered at her fate when she chose to remain in London as Gordon left for America.  Though A Seduction at Christmas begins with Fiona in somewhat desperate circumstances, her strength of character never wavers.  I genuinely liked Fiona and had a tremendous amount of respect for her ability to overcome all that has happened to her, which isn’t to say the past has not left her without scars.  As for Nick, events of his past have left their mark on him as well.  Despite this, Nick is a generous, caring, and protective soul.  In In the Highlander’s Bed there was a fleeting moment when Nick and Fiona met and attraction sparked.  Ms. Maxwell takes that flash of interest and turns up the heat when the two meet once more in A Seduction at Christmas.  But more intriguing than the lust between the pair is how they manage to heal one another.  Old wounds aren’t instantly forgotten, but love serves as a healing balm of sorts, and it was wonderful to watch it happen.

A Seduction at Christmas is by turns sensual, heartwarming, and fun.  I delighted in the banter between Fiona and Nick and relished their romance.  A dash of danger keeps A Seduction at Christmas moving at a quick pace as Nick and Fiona try to figure out who is out to kill Nick and why.  Fans of Ms. Maxwell, like myself, will also delight in getting to revisit Grace McEachin from In the Highlander’s Bed and I do so hope Ms. Maxwell gives Grace a story of her own one day.  A Seduction at Christmas also introduces readers to Nick’s cousin Gillian, who is a lovely character.  I finished A Seduction at Christmas well-satisfied and incredibly eager for the next Scandals and Seductions tale, The Earl Claims His Wife, ready to see Gillian find a happy ending of her own.


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