Animal Attraction by Charlene Teglia

St. Martin’s Griffin

Paranormal Romance/Shape Shifter/Ménage or more

ISBN: 9780312537418

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Chandra Walker is experiencing things she can’t explain.  She is highly excitable and often aroused and doesn’t know why.  Working in a leather shop in the mall, she comes face to face with Zach, a big man whose looks and mannerisms scream alpha male.  Unsure of his intentions, Chandra is leery of him but soon realizes that he only has her safety at heart. What other man would fight off strangers for a woman he doesn’t know?

Zach is the alpha of an all male pack of werewolves.  Chandra is the female destined to be the true leader of the pack – only she doesn’t know it yet.  She will though because her heat is coming upon her with the arrival of the full moon.  Convincing her to take part in the initiation ceremony might take some time. 

Chandra is told that in order to ascend to the throne of her pack, she must make love with all of the males and then pick her consort.  What happens when Chandra realizes that there is no way she can choose between two of the strongest men? 

Animal Attraction is chock full of hot wolf loving and even hotter ménages.  Each and every scene made me blush and at first I felt sorry for Chandra having to take on so many men in a matter of hours.  Then, I was envious because each and every male character was beautiful in his own way.  With a surprise ending that made me smile, Animal Attraction is a great read. Hands down this is the naughtiest erotic book I have read in months!


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