A Lost Touch of Magic by Amy Tolnitch

Medallion Press


ISBN: 978-1934755518

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Padruig returns to take his rightful place as Laird, only to find the castle and family are in chaos.  The ghost of his dead sister is haunting him, his remaining sister was promised to a sadistic monster and there is a bad laird sending the clan into ruin.  In order to take back control, Padruig makes a deal with a neighboring clan for support, but in exchange, he must marry the willful Aimili.

Aimili loves her horses and is happy to live her life taking care of them instead of running the castle as is expected.  She had dreamed of marrying Padruig nearly all her life, but the reality is nothing like she expected.  Padruig sees her as a child and deserving of more than his scarred and unworthy self.

While Padruig and Aimili try to find their way through the situation life has thrown them into, they discover that there is more to their problems than they thought.  A dangerous magical creature has escaped from a hidden land called Paroseea and is intent to cause havoc and take his revenge on Padruig.

The story lines here are complicated and the first part of A Lost Touch of Magic is hard to get into.  But the more I read, the more I got into the story and wanted to know what happened next.  Padriug’s self-hatred is a bit tiresome, but Aimili is an excellent character and fun to read about.  I expected to hate this book and ended up really enjoying the resolution.  Not a light read, but definitely enjoyable.


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