Zula’s Stand by Jade Buchanan

The Pridelands, Book 2

Changeling Press

M/M, paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59596-849-4

Reviewed by Raine



Mike Coleman travels to his family’s cabin in order to assist his cousin, Darren, in the search for Darren’s missing brother Aaron. Upon his arrival though, he never expects to find Zula, let alone be attracted to her. Zula is a Leo, a woman who looks like a tiger. Shortly after he arrives they notice Zula’s youngest brother Achan has vanished and the search is on to find him as well before other humans do.

Zula’s Stand takes off from where Darren’s Pride left off. As Mike shows up at the cabin and finds both Darren and Aaron coupled with Felidae, he’s completely confused. Then he finds himself drawn to a certain strong-willed Leo. Zula has pretty much decided she won’t take a mate as she doesn’t wish to curtail the special travel arrangements she has as a single female of the Pride. However, the scent of Mike draws her and she finds, like he, that they are unable to keep their hands off one another. When extra Pride shows up to help with the search matters get even more complicated with the addition of a third wheel to the couple. This series is awesome. The characters are well written, the foreplay and sex is steamy, and the plot leaves you wondering what is going to happen next…..so I’m anxiously awaiting for the next installment now!


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