Zarius by L.A. Day

Alien Possession, Book 1

Ellora's Cave


ISBN: 9781419913969

Reviewed by Jambrea



Zarius came to Earth to find his destined mate.  He will do his duty and bring Star home. 

Star is overwhelmed with her attraction to Zarius.  She is falling hard and fast for him, but lust isnít enough. 

Will Zarius be able to convince Star that there is more to him than duty?  Will he survive long enough to find out?  Can Star give up all sheís ever known for lust alone?

Zarius is hot and intense.  L.A. Day sure knows how to tell a story. I loved Zarius and the command he took with Star.  She didnít know what hit her!  I also love the slow introduction Ms. Day gave me of Zariusí world.  She didnít rush it and that made me love Zarius even more. 

Zarius is the first book in the Alien Possession series.  I canít wait for the next story in this series to find out more about the world Ms. Day built.


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