Woven Dreams by N.J. Walters


Ellora’s Cave

Fantasy Romance/Ménage 

ISBN: 9781419911286

Reviewed by Tanya



Jarmon and Garrika Bakra are brothers and twins to boot.  In Javara, where they live, this means they will share a woman and she must choose to marry one of them, as women are scarce.  Due to the scars that Jarmon has from battle, he is concerned that he and his twin will not find a woman.  It looks like their fate might just change when they stumble on a woman while out hunting.  This woman claims to be another Tapestry Bride, like the woman their brothers found, who was pulled through time.

Genny is desperate to have things work out for herself.  She has always admired the Bakra twins from afar.  She has also suffered at the hands of her cruel family and thinks she might have a way to escape them.  But if she fakes being a Tapestry Bride, will it hurt her chances or help them?

With all having so many insecurities and secrets, will they be able to come together as one strong force in the short time they have together?  Or will fate keep them from fulfilling their dreams?

In Woven Dreams, Ms. Walters hits the correct mix of sensuality, tender romance and super hot sex.  I continue to enjoy the world of Javara and absolutely love the way they treat their women, usually.  The obvious exception is Genny’s family.  But I think Ms. Walters did a wonderful job in weaving this heroine into the Tapestry family, in more than one way.  I look forward to the next installation.  Woven Dreams can easily be read out of order, but it also makes a strong addition to the series.


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