Worth Every Penny by CB Potts

A Halloween Short

Torquere Press

Contemporary/Paranormal (M/M)

Reviewed by Sabella



Tom misses his lover Stephen with an intensity that belies the fact that Stephen has been dead for almost a year.  So even though he feels that going on this errand to visit a medium is a waste of time and money, Tom just can’t stop himself from going. Just in case he is wrong…

Worth Every Penny packs an emotional punch as it brings up the prospect of what would happen if the dearest person in your life was gone.  Tom’s emotional journey from skepticism, to wonder, to grief at being able to spend time with his dead lover will leave you with a tear in your eye – after all who wouldn’t love to be able to talk to a dead loved one once again?  Worth Every Penny is an emotional story, best read on a day where a little angst is just what you need.


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