Wonder Witch by Ashlyn Chase

Torrid Tarot Queen of Wands

Ellora's Cave


ISBN:  9781419910425

Reviewed by Jambrea



The League of Amazing Women is called upon to help rescue male models.  It should be just another day at the office for these women, except itís that time of the monthÖfor ALL of them.  Usually they lock up all the weapons and wait it out, but they are temped by the models.  They will do anything for hot men. 

Joell, aka Wonder Witch, takes the case of the missing hot models in hopes of getting a big thank you.  Joell gets more than she bargained for when she hooks up with an undercover police officer, and her familiar, Crowe the cat, gets involved.

Wonder Witch is told in the voice of Crowe, Joellís familiar.  I found that very weird.  It took me a while to get into Wonder Witch because it just kept getting in the way of the story.  It was kind of creepy having the cat describe how he was watching the woman have sex.  It just wasnít my cup of tea.  I understand why Ashlyn Chase used the voice of the cat by the end of the story, but I donít want to give anything away.  The surprise twist at the end was interesting, but it was a long ride to get there.  I think if the story was told in Joellís voice, I might have been able to get into it more because the concept of having a League of Amazing Women is really cool!


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