Winter Hearts by Anny Cook

Ellora’s Cave

Shapeshifter / Christmas

ISBN: 9781419913723

Reviewed by Indy



Finding yourself hogtied to a coworker is bad enough, add in the fact that you’re nude and achy, is only the beginning of disaster when your coworkers come in and find both of you in all your glory.  Unity Brooks never imagined doing her job would send the safe quiet life she’d created into a whirlwind of embarrassment and danger.  Quill Johnson never knew what happened to the blond haired beauty who inadvertently blew his last assignment and finding her kidnapped in the woods near his family is a sign that his current assignment is about to go to Hades in a hand basket.  Quill will have to keep Unity hidden and safe as he and his angelic family work to break a case that is threatening women near their home.

In a whirlwind of activity Winter Hearts is a story starring a family of angels sent down to earth to protect and serve.  Quill, a special agent with the power to shift doesn’t expect to find love but his connection to Unity, an orphan from the school of hard knocks, is one he can’t control.  Unity is a scarred soul, and finding out the man you’ve fallen in love with can change shapes like the wind changes directions is enough to make even the toughest woman want to fall apart.  Anny Cook’s holiday themed story went from adventurous one minute to comedic the next.  There were plenty of dangerous situations: a kidnapping, assault, break-ins and more.  What stood out the most was the loving Johnson family and their commitment to doing whatever needs to be done to protect those around them.  I enjoyed the sibling camaraderie, the humor and the love shown to each other was touching.  I think those who enjoy a little wildness to their stories and love outside the box authors will find Winter Hearts is a story with its own personal charm.


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