Wings of Salvation by Adrianna Dane

Amber Quill Press

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60272-171-5

Reviewed by Lisa



Winged twin brothers Dario and Andras of the planet Vrotian, have searched for years in the hope of finding their closest friend Flaire, a winged woman they grew up with.  They purchase the information that a winged woman is being sold at an illegal sex slave auction the next day.

Flaire had been living in the wild for several years before her recent capture.  Her humanity is nearly gone leaving only a feral creature behind. 

Dario and Andras will not let Flaire be sold now that they have found her.  They
also face the difficult task of trying to reach her and remind her of who she once was.  Daunting challenges that the brothers fully intend to succeed at no matter the cost to themselves.

Wings of Salvation is a lovely fantasy style romance of past wishes and future desires for three very lonely people.  Different planet, different beings but it is still a love story laid out in an easy pace with some really hot sex towards the end.  Get a soft blanket, find a cozy chair and enjoy sinking into Wings of Salvation.


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