Wicked Intentions by Tuesday Morrigan

Loose Id

Full-figured Heroine Multicultural Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-602-6

Reviewed by Jo



Olivia Baxter is getting ready for her next show in her gallery.  She is just waiting for the artists to show up so she can show them the display of their work.  Olivia feels so much around the Boys from Brazil.  She would love to get up close and personal with either of them, but Olivia knows they are a couple and besides, she is not exactly a size two.  That's why she is surprised when they both give her a kiss under the mistletoe and invite her to a New Year’s Eve party.  Yano McKinley and Diego might have eyes for each other, but they have more than noticed Olivia since she brought them into her gallery.  They have decided it was time to have a New Year’s celebration that would give them all a great start on the New Year.

Wicked Intentions is one sexy and erotic romp.  Olivia discovered Yano and Diego in Brazil and now has them showing in her gallery.  Not only is their art wonderful, but they are also the sexiest men she has ever met and they make her entire body hum.  Yano and Diego know that Olivia seems to react to them, but they are not sure just how deep that goes and they want to find out.  I could understand why Yano and Diego went a bit slowly and I really understand where Olivia was coming from.  Most people want a New Year’s Eve to remember and while I expected some fireworks, Ms. Morrigan blew my expectations out of the water.  The eroticism that started in the first chapter escalated as the night went on.  That entire night brought me to shivers while reading it.  However, I think Yano and Diego’s gift to Olivia was the best and was an “ah” moment.  Wicked Intentions not only makes you hum, but it also gives full-figured women a chance to dream without changing themselves.  I know that I will be bringing out Wicked Intentions several times to re-read.


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