Who’s Your Daddy by Summer Devon, Alexis Fleming & Lyn Cash

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Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-906328-67-2

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“Direct Deposit” by Summer Devon

Zack Reese can’t believe when one of the names on his list of possible interviewees for a story about infertility is Colleen Madison. A woman associated with one of the most memorable events that five years later still haunts his memories. Used as a breeding stud by the couple without his knowledge Zack still feels a touch of anger where Colleen is concerned. Anger created because of his more than friendly attitude toward another man’s wife. Finding out she is currently single and childless opens the door to a conversation long overdue and one that might just be the beginning of healing for Colleen and Zack.

Summer Devon’s “Direct Deposit” is a story filled with uncertainty and residual pain. Zack and Colleen are a quirky couple; both still sensitive about their shared past but not so much they aren’t willing to see if they can see past their personal baggage to a brighter future. As a couple I must admit to finding Colleen and Zack a little uncomfortable but only because I could actually visualize this couple. I could hear in my head sarcasm laced conversation used to mask feelings of uncertainty. With that said, I tip my hat to Ms. Devon for creating a story that made me sit up and see anything is possible if you step out on faith and take a chance.


In “Strategic Withdrawal” by Alexis Fleming

Writing a story on the infamous sperm donor known only as number #69, Travis McCloud wanted to get the personal scoop on a few Australian women who benefited from the donor’s genes. After responding to an ad from another woman seeking to meet the donor Travis is blown away when none other than Mandy Dodds, a thorn in his side, shows up. Mandy is the lawyer representing the unknown women Travis wants to meet but what interests him more, she is the person who is in search of the donor #69 for more personal reasons. Mandy is a professional with a great career, no one special but aching for a child. It blows her mind that Travis, a man she can’t be around for two minutes without going into heat, is the man who has produced some of the most beautiful children she’s ever seen. Hesitant at first, Mandy’s unable to deny the explosive chemistry she and Travis share and is willing to have a no-strings-attached weeks of fun if it means she will finally have the baby she desires. Sometimes however the heart has a way of dictating what the mind is unable to foresee and Travis and Mandy will have to come to terms with their true feelings before they both loose something special.

Travis and Mandy are two randy professionals who are in lust with each other one moment and ready to eat the other for lunch the next. Alexis Fleming did an awesome job of creative a fun story that made you smile but also left my heart palpitating. Compatible in the bedroom Travis and Mandy needed a little work in the communication department which made this story ring true in so many ways. “Strategic Withdrawal” was just the right story if you’re looking for a wild and exciting tale with a happily ever after ending that touches your heart.


“Playing the Ace” by Lyn Cash

Having decisions you made during a time of naivety come back to haunt you as an adult makes for a bitter pill to swallow. Known by many as sperm donor #69 Ace, wealthy business man with an estranged family has decided to head back home after realizing that his family is aware of how he made extra money while working his way through college. Meeting a bombshell on the plane over to the US wasn’t on his list of to dos but some people are just meant. He knows from first glance he and the blonde beauty will become more than passing strangers on an airplane. Katya is on a secret mission for her family. Locate sperm donor #69 and get him back to the US where he’s needed. Meeting and falling in love with Ace wasn’t planned but it will tear more than one life apart if Katya isn’t able to get past his defenses and show him he is more than the arrogant illusion he showcases. That he’s a great man and one she is willing to fight to keep.

Lyn Cash added the icing to the cake with her story “Playing the Ace”, coming full circle with the story of sperm donor #69 she gives a more intimate picture of a man willing to provide hundreds of couples with the gift of a child. I was blown away by how Ms. Cash captured not only the blessings of donating but also the uncertainty that comes with “anonymous” donations for children who may one day need to know your medical background. Ace and Katya were hot and heavy from first glance but what made their story beautiful was how quickly they came together in spirit. Full of love and passion that helped get through times that was daunting for everyone involved.


Who’s Your Daddy is an anthology with something for everyone. From humor to drama, each story in this book connected seamlessly into the next. I must admit “Playing the Ace” was my favorite but all of the stories left me with a special feeling. Maybe the purpose of this anthology wasn’t meant to make you think but for me it did that and more. It made me want to know more about the donor process and also brought to light a couple of shortcomings that may come from a procedure that is resulting in the creation of so many children. I look forward to reading more from these authors because if this anthology is anything to go by I’m sure only great stories are in their futures.


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