Whisper of the Blade by Anya Bast

Torrid Tarot

Ellora’s Cave

Fantasy/Paranormal Ménage (M/M/F)

ISBN: 978-1-41991-096-8

Reviewed by Sabella



Emmia is an empath – which is both a blessing and a curse.  It has allowed her to become an excellent justice mercenary, but it exposes her to the full brunt of other people’s emotions.  Now, Emmia is home recovering after an exhausting battle and shoring her defenses until she is hired again. But when a stranger shows up and makes it impossible for Emmia to turn him away, she ends up learning more about herself than she ever believed possible, and with more love than she ever thought possible.

Quinn is desperate to put an end to the speculation about his friend and lover Magnus’ guilt in the murder of their lover Caith.  So Quinn sets out to get Emmia as a justice mercenary to judge Magnus’ guilt or innocence and put an end to the torturous wondering.

Magnus is tired of everyone shunning him and believing him capable of murdering his lover, but what has hurt the most has been Quinn’s doubt of his innocence.  Now that Quinn has brought in a justice mercenary, Magnus will be cleared of suspicion or killed for his presumed guilt.

When I picked up Whisper of the Blade I was expecting an entertaining tale that was spiced up with some hot sex.  What I received was a really great tale that will catch your attention from the start with real, flawed characters that find themselves in extraordinary situations.  Emmia is a strong but vulnerable woman that has learned to keep the world at a distance in order to cope with the emotions that bombard her when she is around others.  Quinn and Magnus are both strong men that have learned to take on life and love where they find them – mainly in each other.  The romance in this book is great as it is gradual and fun to experience along with the characters.  Also, the sensual encounters between Emmia, Quinn and Magnus are all hot enough to leave you feeling flushed every time they come together.  Get yourself Whisper of the Blade when you are looking to pick up a hot ménage with a fun mystery as a backdrop for the romance story.


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