Whipped by Layne Blacque

Sensual Mastery Series, Book 1

Total-e-bound Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-906328-42-9

Reviewed by Indy



Tara Drake controls her world, her life, her career, everything except when she gives up control of her body. Paying Leo Hansen to allow her a chance to give up her coveted control is something she looks forward to. As he works her body into a frenzy, providing the discipline needed to release the stresses of her day-to-day life, he’s making her think of more than the sting of his paddle and the heat of his lashes. Leo has been a paid Dom since his college days and while his peers were barely making it he saw the money to be had in the world of submission and domination. Always the professional Leo never crossed the line of respectability with any client that was until one mocha-skinned beauty came into his world. A woman who makes him want to break all his rules.

Older woman, younger male with an interracial twist is what readers will find in this first book of the Sensual Mastery series. Whipped the story of a paid Dom who has lost control of his sessions with a woman whose appeal is something he finds harder and harder to ignore. For a short story I was surprised at how provocative and engaging Leo and Tara’s clash of wills turned out to be. I’m curious what direction Layne Blacque’s series will take her but I will for sure keep an eye out on the upcoming releases.


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