Where One Road Leads by Ceri Hebert

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-548-9

Reviewed by Scarlet



Krista Faye left Quail Ridge, New Hampshire fifteen years ago.  She has been to the world’s most dangerous places as a photojournalist, but one of the toughest things she has ever done is return to her hometown.  Renovating an old mill into a youth center will mean facing her past and the townspeople she left behind as well.  Danger is on Krista’s trail and it will mean working with Matt Burgess, a man scarred by the past and with a reason to want Krista gone.  Matt blames Krista for the accident that took the life of his brother and though she was sent to prison, he still harbors resentment toward the young woman.  Krista has scars of her own; while in prison she lost the baby she was carrying and though she was innocent in the accident the townspeople chose to believe the fourth person in the car, Ricky, who told a version painting Krista as the perpetrator.

Where One Road Leads is a sweet romance to pass an afternoon with.  Krista and Matt are both wounded individuals who find peace and completion once their initial obstacles are overcome.  The underlying mystery of who is behind the threats to Krista keeps pace with the story with enough curves thrown in to keep it interesting.  Matt and Krista are apparently fated to be together though I didn’t find the chemistry strong enough to convince me of the fact.  Ceri Hebert pens a great mystery and kept me turning pages to find out the culprit, I just wasn’t quite persuaded to believe the couple would have a lasting relationship.


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