Well Met by Moonlight by Zoey Daniels


Gay Fantasy

Reviewed by Cassie



Rhys is walking in the square on a snowy night when he meets his former lover Isaac.  Still loving the man very much, Rhys goes to talk to him.  The whole night is odd, from the strangely silent Isaac to the seemingly magic thing that happens next.  Will Rhys get the second chance heís wanted?

Well Met by Moonlight features an unusual premise and writing style.  The entire story is in the present tense, which was confusing at first.  Once I got used to Zoey Danielsí choice of tense, however, the story flowed and seemed to keep events in the moment.  Through Rhysí reflections, itís obvious he harbors many regrets.  His past actions somehow drove Isaac away, and heís missed the man ever since.  His pain at his mistake and his hope at seeing Isaac again were well conveyed.  Since the story focuses on Rhys, Isaac isnít very developed.  Heís clearly the weaker of the two physically, but itís implied that heís stronger emotionally.  Other than that, I had a hard time getting a feel for him.  There was an interesting fantasy/paranormal vibe to this tale that I liked, as well as a hopeful ending.  While not perfect, Well Met by Moonlight is an unusual and different tale of second chances unlike anything else Iíve ever read.


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