Wedding Wild by Trixie Stilletto

Scarecrow and Betsy McGee series

Amber Quill Press

Contemporary, action-adventure, Romance

ISBN: 1-59279-572-2

Reviewed by Erys



Betsy and Roarke are sent on a dream assignment. Or it would be if it didnít involve bio-terrorism, a slave ring, and under-aged girls turning up dead. Whatís their mission? Pretend to get married and infiltrate the ring.

Wedding Wild is a great end to a wonderful series. Betsy and Roarke heat up the pages, even when things get complicated. Though it was over too soon, this story packed an exciting adventure with hot sex and a terrific ending. As this is a series, it will be more satisfying to have read their other adventures first, but you donít need to have read the other books to understand and enjoy this one.


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