Watching You by Sheri Livingston

Loose Id

BDSM/GLBT/Lesbian Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59632-481-7

Reviewer: Rhys



Paige is an operator for the local 911 system. Every day, she sees Kellie, the cop she craves more than anything else. But as far as Paige knows, Kellie is so far out of her league, Paige honestly has no hope of ever catching the sexy officer.

Kellie has more secrets than just a need for a certain 911 operator. Convinced she has no chance of getting her hands on Paige, she instead turns to the Internet, exploring the world of D/s in anonymous safety.

But what happens when Kellie's troubles and secrets come into the forefront? Will she ever be able to look Paige in the eye again? Has she lost the one woman she wants, before ever getting close?

I was incredibly surprised at how much I liked this book. Ms. Livingston brought two very strong, very sexy women to life within the pages of Watching You. The D/s scenes online were unbelievably hot, reminding me just how intense cybersex can be with the right person. There's plenty of action out of the bed, too -- lots of intrigue that I didn't see coming. If you're looking for a great lesbian romance, I think you'll love Watching You.


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