Waking the Dead by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

Laying a Ghost, Book 3

Loose Id

GLBT Contemporary Paranormal (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-657-6

Reviewed by Sabella



John and Nick have built a nice life for themselves in their island home of Traighshee.  And after all these years John has gotten used to the fact that Nick can talk to ghosts, but the fact that Josh, Nick’s brother, can read minds still throws him off – more so now that Josh is coming to visit.

When Josh arrives life keeps going just like before, but when an accident involving Josh and Caitrin, John’s niece, unleashes two very angry ghosts, it threatens everything John and Nick have built.  Will they survive possessions by these ghosts and their murderous intentions?

Waking the Dead is a wonderfully suspenseful romance that will grab your imagination and then your heart as the story unfolds.  Nick and John have now been together for many years but their love and passion remain just as bright as the first day – which gives this story a different, but enticing angle.  Now, with Josh’s visit it adds yet another paranormal element that serves to make this story even more interesting as angry ghosts seek revenge on the residents of the island.  John, Nick and Josh won’t fail to pull you into their hair-raising experience while reminding you how sweet long-standing love can be – especially when faced with the possibility of loss.  The emotional and erotic scenes are poignant and heart-warming in ways that will leave you sighing and wishing John and Nick were real. Waking the Dead is a skillfully written tale that will grab you and keep your attention from the first page to the last while you will live the journey with John, Nick and Josh through their traumatic ordeal.

Get yourself Waking the Dead the next time you go shopping and plan on reading it all in one sitting – it’s that engrossing!


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