Velvet Ties by Susie Charles

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary Romance/Ménage

ISBN: 9781419914263

Reviewed by Tanya



Melissa thought her life was finally on track.  She loved her job and she had finally moved far away from the madman, Barry, who insisted she was his fiancée, long after she broke things off with him.  Boy, when she made a mistake picking a guy, she made a big mistake.  Now suddenly on her answering machine is a message that Barry is on his way to marry her and take her back home.  In a panic, she calls a friend of hers from work, saying she needs a pretend fiancé and needs one now.  Since he is married and has a new baby at home, he immediately thinks of Richard.  While Melissa and Richard don’t get along, everyone else sees this friction as what it really is—attraction.  She turns Richard down quickly and puts in a call to her friend Alex.  Unfortunately Alex doesn’t answer the phone, or his messages, and she is forced to have Richard act as her fiancé.

When Alex comes back to town, he also wants to help rid Melissa of the unwanted madman.  But there seems to be something about Richard and Alex together.  Melissa is a bit surprised to learn that the two of them know each other.  She is even further surprised to find they both want to be with her…together.  Can they all sort their feelings out before Barry does something they will all regret?

Velvet Ties started out as a suspense story and turned into one hot erotic read.  I love how everyone knows Richard is right for Melissa but her. But then, so is Alex.  The author did a wonderful job of setting up the story for how the right answer just might be a trio, not a couple.  I found the Velvet Ties to be a quick but very enjoyable read.


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