Velvet Need by Sean Michael

Torquere Press

Futuristic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60370-261-4

Reviewed by Lisa



The Velvet Glove is the galaxyís finest BDSM club catering to a wide, and sometimes unique, variety of clientele needs.  Dr. Bertoli Lutrell lives and works there offering his highly specialized dominant scenes to those who need and ultimately enjoy his services.

Enigmatic and powerful Dent Farre excelled in the business world with multiple companies under his control.  Dent spent all his time staying firmly in charge of every minute of every day leaving no time to relax or explore his sexual needs.

Dent has now retired and intends to live at the Glove and delve into his sexual desires.  Lutrell has a new client in Dent and thoroughly enjoys their time together.  Something special is beginning to happen between them when disaster strikes. Now Lutrell will have to devote every moment to Dentís care if there is any chance of having his lover back whole.

Velvet Need is a sexually charged yet poignant story of desire, love and acceptance of each personís needs.  This is a very graphic story with enemas, sounds and other devices, which means itís definitely not for everyone.  But, it is a beautifully written story of a journey two men take towards self-discovery.  At times intense and emotional, Velvet Need is a different kind of love story but certainly no less fascinating or well told.



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