Vampyre Falls:  Morganna’s Sacrifice by Adrianna Dane

Bite Me Series

Amber Heat

Dark Fantasy/Vampire/BDSM

ISBN: 13: 978-1-60272-197-5

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Morganna is a faery healer who lets go of her “love them and love them” fey habits after falling violently in love with Keelan Moonhunter, a dark elf.   When Keelan vanishes without explanation, Morganna succumbs to her despair and turns to the goblin, Syril Grimstarker, for the means to help her to cope with her loss.  The faery doctor does not realize that the goblin has no morals or boundaries when it comes to achieving his goals.  He betrays Morganna.

Keelan Moonhunter has never forgotten Morganna after he was forced to a make life altering decision.  He suffers because he can never return home to his lover, and is now bound to master vampire, Daffyd Angeleus, in ways so dark that he fears she could never understand or accept what he has become to survive. 

Keelan discovers Morganna’s willingness to do whatever it takes to be with him.  Daffyd is not adverse to Morganna’s presence, which would benefit them all in the end.  Will Vampyre Falls be Morganna’s solace?  Or will she only find more heartache?

Vampyre Falls: Morganna’s Sacrifice blends the best of both worlds--where dark fantasy meets the paranormal.  I was sad for Morganna without pitying her.  Losing Keelan was akin to a death sentence.   Her devotion to him is moving and reckless, and at times, desperate.  Keelan does not stint when it comes to Morganna either, no matter how deep his bond is to Daffyd.  I enjoyed the mystery and exoticness Ms. Dane uses in describing Vampyre Falls and its inhabitants.  The sex is dark erotica and uninhibited in an adventurous sense.

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