Valentine’s Ghost by Alice Gaines

Candy Kisses

Changeling Press

Paranormal, BDSM, Hot Flashes

ISBN: 978-1-59596-651-3

Reviewed by Erys



Just when Phyllis decided her vibrator is better than any man, a little old lady’s face appears to her and talks.  She insists that Phyllis needs her help, and that Phyllis needs to drop the sarcastic attitude.  Then Agnes whisks her off to Valentine’s past, present and future in hopes of making Phyllis realize what she really needs.

Valentine’s Ghost is as hot as it is funny.  Packed with steamy sex, Alice Gaines writes a story that will entertain and leave you satisfied.  I was a little leery when I realized what was going to happen with each visit of Agnes, but by the third visit, I was really hoping Phyllis would start to realize what Agnes was trying to show her.  I really enjoyed the ending and sarcastic humor in this story.



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