Unmask Me by Kat Bishop

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-60504-010-X

Reviewed By Tori



Ali Whitmore broke up with her long-term boyfriend after a fight a month ago. Since then she lost ten pounds and also cut off her shoulder length hair.  Now she wants her man back and she has no idea of how to accomplish this goal.

Trey Monahan realized the minute Ali walked out the door that he wanted her back.  He managed to find an in with Aliís best friend Beth and when Trey shows up at a masquerade party dressed as a masked pirate things really get interesting.

Unmask Me is hot, hot, hot.  This book was well written and very descriptive.  There is a bit of everything from a solo scene, to a voyeuristic three-way scene.  I did think the language was a bit strong and would rate Unmask Me as Romantic Erotica where the publisher had it listed as Contemporary Romance.  Overall it was a very good read, fun and flirty and just a little dirty.


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