Twilight by Ally Blue

Bay City Paranormal Investigation Series, Book 3

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Paranormal (M/M)

ISBN: 1-59998-620-5

Reviewed by Sabella



Sam and Bo are back with the gang of BCPI, but this time instead of investigating, they have taken a group of amateurs on a ghost-hunting trip.  While this isn’t nearly as exciting as a real mystery, it does provide the BCPI gang a chance to have fun and relax.  However, when they get approached in the middle of their outing by a woman that fears that she has an inter-dimensional gateway, the last thing that Bo and Sam want to do is investigate, but it’s the very thing they fear they will have to do.

When Sam and Bo arrive at the Sunset Lodge they are faced with too many events pointing to the existence of a gateway.  However, these events, along with Bo’s injury from their last encounter with a gateway monster tingling and acting strange make it impossible for the men to walk away from this case.  The deeper they dig during their investigation, the more they fear that what they might be facing is something other than a monster, but far more insidious…

Throughout it all, Sam and Bo must continue to negotiate the uncharted waters of a new relationship plus battle Bo’s fear of being openly gay.  Will their relationship withstand all these pressures and make them stronger or finally pull them apart?

Twilight is a great Ally Blue story, but unlike the previous books in this series it has a lot less angst while still delivering lots of emotion and romance.  In this installment of the adventures of the BCPI team, Bo and Sam spend a lot of time figuring the ins and outs of their relationship while having lots of lava hot sex.  Twilight is a mostly funny and sexy book with enough mystery thrown in to keep you turning the pages to find the answers.  If you are a fan of Ally Blue’s work this book is a must have for your TBR pile.  Pick up Twilight the next time you go shopping – you won’t regret it!

Note that this is the third book of the series and while it can be read as a stand alone, but you might not understand some of the undercurrents between the main characters.


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