Tuesday’s Rubies by CB Potts

Torquere Press

M/M, Adventure, Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley



Matt’s good at what he does, he could find any kind of gem in almost any situation, and he has an eye for picking the beautiful ones.  He’s willing to go anywhere, to find that perfect gem, if it would make Sean happy.  Matt believes himself to be in love with Sean and was willing to do just about anything for him, even risk his life.

On their latest adventure, Sean drags Matt to Afghanistan to search for rare rubies.  Finding themselves in dangerous territory, Matt is thankful of Sean’s good sense to hire ex-military man Parker to be their guide and bodyguard.  Will this latest adventure help Sean to see Matt as more than his person rockhound, or will Parker show Matt that there is more to a relationship than what Sean has been offering him?

Tuesday’s Rubies is great! I loved Matt from the start. His sweetness and want of a loving boyfriend and being so happy for the scraps of affections that Sean threw his way made me feel for him.  Sean came off as a jerk pretty much from the beginning, and continued to decline with every action and word he uttered. Matt deserved better and Parker was definitely it. The adventure, the romance, as well as  Matt and Parker made Tuesday’s Rubies a very, very enjoyable read for me.


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