Triple Booked by Mardi Ballou

Torrid Tarot

Ellora's Cave

Paranormal Ménage a trois

ISBN: 9781419912979

Reviewed by Ley



Gabe and Jade are compatible in every way.  In their work as co-writers of mythical love novels they work well giving each other inspiration.  And in the bedroom they know each other’s bodies, their wants and needs very well. As far as they were concerned the only thing missing from their life was the material wealth they hope to gain from their writing someday, but then Alex entered their lives and turned it upside down.

Alex needed Gabe and Jade in order to complete his final mission before he could partake in the Dionysian Oracle Mage initiation rites.  Alex mission was to get the lovers to invite him into their lives, their work life and their love life.  Keeping his true mission from the couple, Alex’s attempt to convince Gabe and Jade that he could enhance their lives in everyway was met with mixed emotions, and as he got to know them his reason for wanting to be with them was changing.

Tripled Booked is really good. There are a few typos and name mix-ups that take away from some of the highly climatic scenes but other than that I really enjoyed this story.  I loved Gabe, I felt for the poor guy and his struggle against the inner demons his attraction to Alex drudged up.  Also his quick wit and stinging one-liners were hysterical.  Alex came off as really cocky to me at first but then, as his haughty attitude started to wane a bit, he became more endearing to me.  And of course the woman is the sensible one in the group, Jade kept the lines of communications open within them.  I even learned something with the mythological references in the story.  I became really interested in the Apollo and Hyacinth myth that I looked up more information about it.  Triple Booked is a fun magical and very entertaining story that I’m sure many will enjoy it.


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