Trinity Broken by Jamie Craig

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-845-3

Reviewed by Indy



Josh and Cam never gave up hope of finding their third mate Sara. Spending two years being abused and tortured at the hands of a man who looked like Cam, Sara is all but a shell of her former self when found. Cam canít believe his Sara can no longer stand the sight of him, and isnít sure he can bare the pain that comes with her inability to see heís not the monster from her nightmares. Josh is the piece that connects them all together and even though heís a human he will have to take on the load of their pain and distrust. To give up canít be an option if either of them ever wants to find their special love again.

I understand a blurb is a sample of what readers should expect from a story. Trinity Brokenís blurb was honest and to the point about the pain and anguish this triad would experience as they attempted to rebuild their lives. Iím a personal fan of stories that are hard hitting and shocking but I must admit to finding Jamie Craigís latest effort slightly disheartening. I thought the heroine Sara would never get over her psychological trauma and allow Cam back into her life. The story Ms. Craig created was very well written but for me and my current mood not something I was able to embrace. I think readers who enjoy emotionally heavy storylines and are patient enough to understand the trials and tribulations that need to be conquered first will be pleased with Trinity Broken


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