Tri Me by Celia Kyle

Office of Kink and Karma series, Book 2

Changeling Press

Shapeshifter (M/M/F; M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59596-828-9

Reviewed by Sabella



Eric D’Amore has set for himself the task of uniting Normals and Extraordinaries into couples – a task that is never easy.  However, this next case might prove to be easier than most as the players know each other and just need a nudge in the right direction…

Lara Kinley works day and night in order to save money to reach her goal of adopting the daughter of a deceased friend.  This doesn’t leave much time for a social life for Lara – not that having one would make a difference in her love life, since she has been in love with Theo, her best friend, forever.  The problem is that not only is Theo taken – he is gay.

Theo and Jackson have been together for a while – but what they haven’t admitted to each other is the need they both feel for a woman in their lives.  When circumstances force them to face this, they have a choice to make – welcome a woman into their relationship or live frustrated by their unspoken need…

Office of Kink and Karma: Tri Me is a fun romp into the workings of an M/M/F ménage spiced with the mating and possessive urges of a shifter.  Theo and Jackson are interesting fun as between both of them they would make a perfect “modern” man who is in touch with his feelings while still remaining Alpha male.  Lara is not as strong a character as the men, but entertaining nonetheless.  These three will set your screen on fire when they come together.  Office of Kink and Karma: Tri Me was a fun and erotic read meant for a careless afternoon.


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