Toxic Temptations by Felicia Cummings

eXtasy Books

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-55410-823-3

Reviewed by Lisa



Living abroad in England, college student Alexis is kidnapped off the streets to be used by a quartet of men with super human mutant powers and nobody notices she is missing.

Four men with unusual gifts including instant transportation, hypnotism, alchemy and being a warlock have banded together.  Nikolas Alexander and Liam Gallagher head a successful mental institute, while Gabriel Gallagher and Cole Forrester are businessmen of a sometimes questionable business.  There are mutant chapters the world over and these men belong to one such chapter.

Nikolas talks the others into performing experiments on Alexis to turn a normal 20-year-old woman into a mutant.  Alexis becomes Jacquelyn Hennessey, a mutant with a deadly venomous talent.  She falls in love with one of the men, hates another and despises the others.  A life as a hired killer is not what Jackie planned and once the man she loves deserts her where can she turn to leave this deadly life behind?

Toxic Temptations gives readers a unique and fascinating plotline with intense characters that twist and turn as the chapters roll on.  Good ideas and potential however can still leave holes.  Alexis/Jackie doesn’t put up much of a fight against becoming a mutant even with a ‘hypnotized’ explanation. I also didn’t find the love story very strong in places, there just wasn’t much depth to their feelings at times. Toxic Temptations is a great idea for a story but unfortunately falls short.


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