Touch Me, Please Me by Sapphire Blue

Loose Id

Paranormal Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-302-5

Reviewed by Jo



Sahara Baker is a Desirable Witch. This means she has power, is immortal, and is sexy and loves sex. Desirables are witches who thrive on sex, but their very rules make it so they can never commit to one man. Sahara, like the rest of her sister witches, is charged with protecting those within her area from phantoms. After a bad date, several things happen to Sahara at once.

Cedric Compton is a best-selling author who has researched Desirables and is determined to see if Sahara is all she is cracked up to be. Cedric finds out that his research gave him facts, but it didnít go far enough. When he meets Sahara, research is the last thing on Cedricís mind. Keeping her with him is.

Cedric teams up with Sahara to beat a powerful phantom. However, as he tries to help, protective instincts come up that could hurt them both. Sahara is fighting her and Cedricís feelings as much as she is battling the phantom. When the danger is finally over, has Cedricís determination to have and keep Sahara won the day? Or will Sahara continue to follow the lifestyle of a Desirable? Will another have something to say about it?

Touch Me, Please Me is about a coven of witches who live to protect humans and embrace sexual encounters. Sahara has lived her life knowing that she could and has had sex with many, many partners, but she could never settle for just one. Cedric has worked at becoming a best-selling fantasy author and for his next book, has searched out a person for his research. The sex between Sahara and Cedric is erotic and happens more often than not, however, I found that it was firmly part of Saharaís life and not out of place. Watching Cedric come to understand what being a Desirable Witch was and then coming to trust in Saharaís powers, kept me turning the pages. The ending was not anything like I expected, but it was more fitting because of that. Touch Me, Please Me is guaranteed to keep you warm while reading. Cedric and Sahara will have you alternately shivering and sighing. Paranormal lovers who are looking for something different will want to read Touch Me, Please Me.


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