To Have and To Hostage by G.A. Hauser

Linden Bay Romance

Erotic M/M Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60202-113-6

Reviewed by Nannette



Michael Vernon is spoiled, arrogant and filthy rich.  Jarrod Hunter has just lost his job. His rent and bills are overdue and heís hungry.  While driving his fancy sports car, Michael almost hits Jarrod when he attempts to run a red light. Michael yells at Jarrod for getting in his way and that is the straw that broke the camelís back for Jarrod. He pulls a gun on Michael and makes him drive to his apartment where he ties him up and plans to hold him for ransom. As the days pass, Jarrod finds himself attracted to his captive. Heís willing to give him anything, except his freedom. Michael has feelings for his captor but heíll do anything to gain his freedom even break Jarrodís heart.

To Have and To Hostage is very good. Iíve never read anything like it. Itís believable and a bit outrageous at the same time. Jarrod is very sweet but Michael is a total jerk. By the end, I liked him too.  To Have and To Hostage is erotic and interesting. I liked it a lot. 


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