To Catch a Wolf by Colette Denee


Erotic Paranormal

ISBN 1-59998-698-1 

Reviewed by Elysia



Braith walked out on Sorcha a long time ago, leaving her with little explanation, and none of it the truth. Now she has tracked him down in Mexico, and tells him she needs something of his. Both of them have emotional scars from the way their relationship ended, but they have to learn to trust each other again if they expected to both get out of this new situation alive.

To Catch a Wolf by Colette Denee is an interesting story that keeps us curious as to exactly which character is the ďbad guy." We are given the identity of the actual villain, but choices make some others seem just as villainous. We wonder through much of it if Braith and Sorcha will ever truly learn to trust each other, and when they will stop keeping secrets. At the same time, I canít say that I really cared whether or not they trusted each other. I wasnít sucked into the story the way it deserved, as too much of it seemed to either be back story or to take place off-stage. The climax seemed simple and anti climactic, a big disappointment. I like Ms. Deneeís imagination, but I feel that with a bit more time, character development and action, Sorcha and Braith could have had a wonderful story.


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