To Catch A Casanova by Erika Scott


Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-906328-83-2

Reviewed by Lisa



Luke McArthur is a waiter at the Sand Dollar while he waits and works hard for his big break as an actor.  More importantly he is deeply in love with his best friend, Aubrey Rice, who is unfortunately engaged to another man.

How does Luke tell Aubrey that she shouldn’t marry rich and handsome Troy Fletcher?  Luke doesn’t have anything to offer Aubrey except his love.  To further complicate matters, will Aubrey believe him when he says that he saw Troy picking up another woman the other night?  Somehow Luke needs to expose Troy as a louse before Aubrey marries the wrong guy.

To Catch a Casanova has some really hot daydreams thought up by Luke but the storyline leaves more questions than answers by the last page.  Sometimes it feels like a loose plot around hot wishful sexual encounters.  Also a scene between Troy and ‘Lowra’ makes me wonder why Troy didn’t figure out something was different about his date.  The writing itself is solid and the daydreams are very vividly written but To Catch a Casanova goes in too many directions and doesn’t manage to pull it all together.


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