Thirteen Silver Moons by Lyra Marlowe

Loose Id

Medieval Romance with a touch of Fae

ISBN: 978-1-59632-577-7

Reviewed by Tanya



Joy is a young orphan who has been raised by a couple of prim and proper older women (The Dragon Ladies) in an orphanage.  While she is starting to lust after young men, she knows she is not supposed to.  So when a sailor pays attention to her, she sets out to learn why the ladies all fear sex so much. She assumes they must all be wrong.  But, as her luck would have it, she is caught in the middle of the interlude before the act is done.  The Dragon Ladies throw her out in the middle of a brutal storm.  She knows she will freeze to death if she doesnít find shelter and sets out on the road to the next town.  When she collapses near death, she is found by the local silver smith Aidan.  Aidan is stunned by the beauty in the road and takes her home to care for her. 

In the morning, he offers her a position as his housekeeper, and nothing more.  But Joy figures that if everyone in town insists they are sleeping together, it might as well be true and shows up in Aidanís bed.  He, unfortunately, has demons of his own and the encounter is brief and unsatisfying for her.  Because of this, Aidan contracts a deal with Bek, a local elf who has an interest in Joy, and sends Joy to him once a month, on the full moon, for silver in return.

While Joy is furious about Aidan sending her to Bek, she finds the sex with him unbelievable and goes back month after month.  But something is missing when she is with him.  He wants to not only have sex with her but is trying to convince her to also have sex with his best friend.  At the same time, Joy is starting to regret her time with Bek as she is falling in love with Aidan. She knows it will anger Aidan if she stops being with Bek, but her heart canít take it any longer and she decides she will leave Aidan if she has to.  But first she sets out to help Aidan overcome his dark sexual past and become the lover of her dreams.  Will he accept Joys help?  Will he accept her for who she is and stop sending her to Bek?

Thirteen Silver Moons is a wonderful story about what true love means, and what you will do to get it.  While I had a bit of a hard time with parts of the plot line (this story has it allómasturbation, oral sex, an orgy and voyeurism) fitting into the overall story, I felt that it pulled together nicely at the end of the book.  Ms. Marlowe does a wonderful job in cementing the fact that glitter and glitz sometimes are not the most satisfying, but if you have to work for it, the rewards are even better.  Thirteen Silver Moons is a well-thought out lesson in true love and happiness.


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