The Wolverine And The Flame by Rebecca Goings

Samhain Publishing

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-554-6

Reviewed by Chris



Dragons, elves, and mages populate the kingdom of Lyndaria. A cursed jewel known as the Dragonís Flame finds its way into a dragonís claws and threatens the world with annihilation. Only the combined powers of an enchanted crystal, the woman the crystal is linked to, and an army of elven mages can defeat the Dragonís Flame.

Several couples are focused on in this tale, including the king and his queen and two dragons, but the primary hero is Sir Ethan of Krey. Sir Duncan of Marynville, Lady Meghanís brother, serves as a Wolverine Knight to the King of Lyndaria. Before he dies in battle, he begs his best friend, Sir Ethan of Krey, to protect his sister. Having had his share of women, Ethan does not expect to fall in love with the red-haired lady. In order to save her life, he lets himself become bound to her mind and soul so that each can hear and feel the otherís thoughts and emotions.

I am reluctant to call Lady Meghan the storyís heroine as she is reminiscent of very early fantasy/sci-fi novel heroines -- basically a passive Rapunzel type creature constantly needing to be rescued. Without understanding its power, she inadvertently links herself to a dragonís crystal. Because she is not a magic wielder, she nearly kills herself doing so. Luckily, Sir Ethan is there to bail her out. This is a continual theme throughout the novel. Meghan is afraid. Ethan is there to comfort her.

I would classify this novel as a sweet romance. Sex doesnít occur behind closed doors, but it is couched in polite terms or glossed over. The back story of multiple  characters sometimes gets in the way of the storyís pacing and, at times, the heroine comes across as naÔve and helpless. Overall, though, The Wolverine And The Flame is an original tale with a satisfying ending and a creative plot. If you enjoy Regency or historical romance novels, youíll feel comfortable reading this tale.


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