The Wolf in the Mansion by Gracie C. McKeever

Siren Publishing

Erotic Paranormal Fable 

ISBN: 978-1-934475-13-3

Reviewed by Nellie


Ever since he could remember Lincoln has always been at odds with his older brother. His brother decides to raise the stakes up by getting a new hire who looks exactly like his deceased wife and Lincoln was hooked immediately by Deja. Lincoln finessed his avoidance tactics that it took five years, due to fate for him and Deja to spend some quality time together.

Deja needs her job for her bills and her teenage son but she never expected to be drawn by the blue eyes of one of the owners of the company she works for. Five years later on a much-needed vacation she is surprised to rescue her boss about to drown with noticeable gunshot wounds. Hiding Lincoln in her room from the danger that is hunting him, Deja never expected their built up attraction to heat up in the cabin. Lincoln is still in danger so they devise a plan in which Deja spies on their likely suspect by using her powers, but the price almost cost her life. As Lincoln grew stronger they prepare for the ultimate battle for the demise of the killer.

I like this author because she does not sugar coat but goes for the jugular, she goes to the point without too many flowery scenes and not too many or over the top sexual scenes. In The Wolf in the Mansion there was suspense, action, intrigues and included witches and shape shifters. It was an interesting mixture with non-stop action but it worked effortlessly whether it was the dialogue or speculation of the suspect.


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