The Unsuitable Suitor by Laura E. Reagan

Champagne Books

Historical Romance

ISBN: 1897261861

Reviewed By: Tori



Peyton Hamilton was sent along with her sister, Frieda, to spend a season at Wellbourne Manor, a home to help families set up good marriage matches.   The impulsive Peyton was told she was to be her sisterís chaperone not realizing it was just a ruse to get her to go.  Now that she is there will she be able to resist the charms of ďAunt ElizabethísĒ nephew.

Rupert Granville is not looking to wed and he certainly isnít looking to run Wellborne Manor as his aunt wants him to do.  From the moment Peyton gets there, he finds himself running into her and is finding it harder to resist her. When the past of one of the male residents of the season catches Rupertís attention, he does everything he can to keep the reckless Peyton for himself.

The Unsuitable Suitor by Laura E. Reagan was charming and entertaining. While I did enjoy reading this book, I did find it hard to believe that there were not more chaperones, it seemed set up for scandal more than true marriage matches.  If you look beyond the believability factors that popped up it is well written and keeps you enthralled from start to finish adding in a few unexpected twists and turns.


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