The Things We Do For Love by Cassie Stevens

Amber Heat

M/M/F Contemporary BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-60272- 213-2

Reviewed by Ley



Patty Carter loves her husband, her family and their life together, but she knows shes not everything her husband wants and cant be everything he needs. Shes known this from the very beginning and she promised Henry she will make sure he has whatever he needed when he needed it, and she would never betray his trust.  When Henry start feeling as if the world was on his shoulders, Patty knew exactly what to do to help him and she knew exactly who to call.

Trevor loved Henry also and he would stop the world to be there when Henry needed him, so when Patty called him to fly from D.C. to California for the weekend there was no hesitation on his part.

The Things We Do For Love takes a plot Im very used to reading about and adds a twist to it. The twist is Henry is a family man with the whole kit and caboodle- wife, kids, home and career. Hes a Major in the Marine Corp, a career that doesnt allow him to live the life he truly wants.  A Commanding Officer who loves a man as much as the woman in his life and needs to be dominated and spanked to help him deal with high levels of stress is not acceptable to the Marines.  Patty is a good and understanding wife and Trevor is a caring boyfriend, they know neither one can ever have Henry completely, but for the love of their man, they will do whatever it takes to give Henry what he needs. The love between these three people with Henry at the center is so real.  Although I liked and enjoyed reading The Things We Do For Love, I felt like there should have been more to the ending I felt it ended to abruptly especially considering what the three were about to face.


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