The Strong and The Weak by Starr Oliver

Torquere Press

Gay Shapeshifter

Reviewed by Sabella



Punk is the runt of the pack, but Xavier – Punk’s Alpha and mate – knows that Punk is stronger than anyone else gives him credit for.  After all, Punk is the only one that can face Xavier when he is in a ferocious mood and calm him.  When Punk is attacked Xavier comes to his rescue, but Punk’s survival is just a testament to Punk’s strength.

The Strong and The Weak is an interesting read that has lots of passion and love.  Punk and Xavier are intriguing characters and the world they inhabit is interesting.  However, the story is a little confusing as there isn’t enough background information to “get” the hows and whys of the plot.  Still, The Strong and The Weak will serve as a quick and sexy distraction during a hectic day.


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