The Stir of Echo by Susan Gabriel

Black Velvet Seductions

Erotic Paranormal

ISBN:  0-9802246-0-8

Reviewed by Jambrea



Echo Sullivan is clairaudient.  She is unsure of her gift or how to use it.  Her parents want her to move into their house in the suburbs and she is hoping to find some answers.  She also needs a man, a real man who can dominate her.  Echo should really be careful of what she wishes because she just might get more then she bargained for.   

Flynn has been waiting for the right time and the right place to meet Echo. Now he just needs to take it slow so he doesnít scare her off.   He has secrets that could push her away for good.

Is Flynn man enough to dominate Echo?  Does Echo really want to be dominated or is it a fleeing fantasy?

The Stir of Echo is very intriguing and dark.  Ms. Gabriel did a wonderful job showing the struggles that Echo had.  Echo isnít sure what she wants and you feel the power of that in Ms. Gabrielís words.  Flynn is just the man to show Echo what she really needs and Ms. Gabriel did a wonderful job making their story come alive.  Susan Gabriel hints at Flynnís secret, but doesnít come right out with it.  I love a book that can keep me guessing.  I do wish that Ms. Gabriel had done more with Echoís gift.  It would have been nice to see it develop a little more.  I loved the dream scene that Echo had and I also loved the ending.  A little mystery is a nice bonus to any romance!  Not to mention the hot scene in the costume shop.  OH MY!!  The Stir of Echo is hot with a capital H!!!


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