The Spirit Within by Shonna Brannon

Cobblestone Press


ISBN: 978-1-60088-130-5

Reviewed by Jo



Sam Carson is a detective who has just come from the hardest crime scene he has had to deal with Ė his sisterís.  Leaving that crime scene, the officers come across yet another one very close by. However, the difference is that this victim is not dead Ė yet.  Sam can tell the same person did both crimes and despite being told to leave things alone, he has to be in on the investigation for more than one reason.

Alyssa Carrington thought she was being mugged, but she quickly found out she had been marked for a murder.  Wanting to live for her daughter but believing she was killed, Alyssa awaits the next thing to happen.  Watching the police discover her was different because, oddly, Alyssa is outside her body and looking onto the scene.

Sam hears a voice and does not believe it's real, much less the spirit of Alyssa asking for help.  Alyssa has already figured out she will need help discovering why she was attacked and getting back into her body, and she knows Sam is her best and maybe only chance.  Sam and Alyssa need to gather the evidence and discover his sister's killer and Alyssa's attacker.  Emotions run high between Sam and Alyssa, but will passion win? Or has Alyssa seen her last day?

The Spirit Within shows the determination of a mother to protect her child and just how determined a detective can be when the crime involves the heart.  Alyssa is gravely hurt and left for dead by an assailant, but that isnít quite the real story.  Sam discovers that not only was his sister killed out of the blue, but also the same person just might take away from him the best chance he has for true love.  If any couple has had to overcome odds worse than Sam and Alyssa, I havenít read about them yet.  From the beginning, I was sure they just could not come together, but I was hoping for them the entire time.   By the time I turned the last page, I knew that not only would they find a way, but that the real killer would get what he deserved.  Ms. Brannon gave me the ending I was hoping for but didnít think I would get, and I found The Spirit Within to be a thoroughly satisfying book from beginning to end. 


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