The Rockhounds’ Riddle by CB Potts

Rockhounds, Book 1

Torquere Press

M/M Action Adventure Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60370-054-2, 1-60370-054-4

Reviewed by Ley



We first met Parker and Matt in Tuesday’s Rubies, where Parker showed Matt what it felt like to have a boyfriend who truly appreciated him.  Now living on their yacht and vacationing in festive carnival time Rio, the two lovers' happiness is interrupted by mobsters looking for Matt’s former boyfriend and business partner Sean. 

Using Matt’s good name and reputation, Sean took money for a business deal where he failed to deliver the goods. Now it’s fallen into Matt’s lap to clean it up or someone may end up seriously hurt. Their attempt to save Sean and restore Matt’s reputation takes Parker and Matt on a new dangerous adventure.

The Rockhounds’ Riddle is a good follow-up to Tuesday’s Rubies.  Matt should have suspected Sean wouldn’t go away easily, but who would think he would be dumb enough to try and swindle the mob?  I’m in the realm of Parker's thinking of just finding Sean and handing him over to the mob to deal with the consequences, but Matt wouldn’t be Matt if he didn’t listen to his conscience and have such a caring heart.  And then again, even Matt can be pushed to the limit.  I enjoyed The Rockhounds’ Riddle and even though it left me in a cliffhanger, I do believe anyone who has read and liked Tuesday’s Rubies will like this, too.


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