The Rememdiu by Shayla Kersten

Ellora’s Cave

M/M Multiple Partners Paranormal Vampire

ISBN: 9781419911644

Reviewed by Ley



After being targeted the scapegoat for an assignment that went horrible wrong, the career Secret Service Agent Roger Malloy envisioned for himself since he was a teenager was over. Leaving the field office that afternoon began a new journey for him filled with strange and unusual happens, beginning with his venture into the neighborhood bar for a drink in the middle of the afternoon.  Nothing could have ever prepared him for the path his life was about to take.

For the past four hundred years Adria has been searching for the cure that would rid the world of vampires.  She was a vampire hunter, along with Cardin and Estefan.  The three were bonded together in immortality and their long search for the cure led them to Roger.  Adria was unprepared for the affect Roger would have over them and even less prepared to give up her leadership to him, but he was the cure, the vampire remedy… but not in the way that Adria thought.

The Rememdiu is the sequel to The Cost of Eternity.  Although The Rememdiu is billed as a stand-alone, I strongly suggest reading the prequel first to better understand Lorcan and Kevin. The Rememdiu was not what I expected for a follow-up to The Cost of Eternity. I think the switch from Secret Service agent to vampire slayer was a bigger surprise to me then it was to Roger.  Also unexpected was the sexual prowess that exploded within him and throughout the pages of this story.  There were some very hot sex scenes that bonded him with the other vampire hunters. This was a very interesting and intriguing story. It tied together the loose ends left from the prequel with a great resolution, and it left me smiling and satisfied in the end.


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