The Regentís Knight by J.M. Snyder

Amber Allure

Erotic M/M Historical Romance

ISBN 978-1-60272-234-7

Reviewed by Nannette



When Prince Amery Llewellen, heir to the throne of Pharr was ten years old he met Tovin Raimus, Giles Shanely, Berik Brohm, and Lohden Krale.  Amery was escaping from his studies when he stumbled upon the young men practicing their swordplay. The four of them became fast friends. And once of age, Amery and Tovin became lovers. Because Amery will one day be king, his relationship with Tovin has to be kept a secret. When Ameryís kingdom is threatened by the Cyrians he calls his friends back to help defend his castle and his people.  Amery and Tovin pretend to be adversaries but behind closed doors they are passionate lovers. At some point, Amery will have to choose between his lover and his kingdom.

The Regentís Knight is a beautiful and exciting tale of forbidden love.  Amery and Tovin are wonderful. Tovin is charming and witty and Amery is sensitive and passionate. The Regentís Knight is a great story. It has action and drama and itís erotic and romantic.


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