The Pirate’s Paradise by Julia Talbot

Torquere Press

Historical/Paranormal Romance (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-287-4, 1-60370-287-3

Reviewed by Sabella



Darien Keane has been betrayed by the crew of his ship and after beating him bloody they put him off at the next island they encounter.  When Darien comes around he finds himself being tended to by another man.  Where did this man come from?  And why does he look familiar?

Francois Le Blanc has been stranded on his little island for two years, so when he finds another man on his beach Francois’ curiosity is peaked.  After all, company is a welcome thing…but when they start talking Francois’ world starts to spin.

The Pirate’s Paradise is a charming tale about pirates and lone islands in the middle of the ocean.  Darien is inexperienced in the ways of men loving men but Francois is more than eager to teach him.  And when these two come together it will heat you up and leave you wishing you shared the island with Darien and Francois!  The Pirate’s Paradise is a fun story perfect for a lazy afternoon!


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