The Perfect Cover by Claire Thompson

Ellora's Cave

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419913952

Reviewer by Ley



Working on a beautiful Caribbean Island during the winter season sounds like a dream come true unless it's a gay resort and you happen to be straight, this was Ryan Weston's dilemma.  Ryan accepted the job believing he could handle being a beach waiter wearing nothing but a pair of Speedos around a resort full of men, after all he wasn't a homophobe, he's even had a sexual fantasy or two involving another man.  Ryan was wrong, underestimating his appeal to the same sex, the handsome, green-eyed blond was quickly overwhelmed by all the attention he attracted.  Knowing he couldn't keep a secret of such magnitude to himself for four months, Ryan confided in his bungalow mate Sean, who turned out to be his safe haven.

Sean Evans, a full-time permanent employee of the resort, lived on the island all year round.  He was used to the solitude of his bungalow being invade during peak season, usually it's some young stud who views the job as a paid vacation with all the casual sex they could want.  He expected Ryan to be no different, until he met him.  Sean was not into casual sex or flings, he was a romantic and believed his soul-mate was out there waiting for him.  When his eyes met Ryan's Sean believed he found him, until Ryan revealed his secret.

The Perfect Cover is a sweet story that I very much enjoyed reading.  Sean fell in love with Ryan on sight and knowing it would only lead to a broken heart he helps Ryan keep his job by pretending to be his boyfriend.  The cover was indeed perfect for Ryan, it gave him the excuse to rebuff the advances of the resort guest and co-workers without questions being asked.  For Sean it was a bittersweet arrangement, it gave him permission to touch and hold Ryan in public to make their relationship more believable, but it also was making it harder for Sean to let go when Ryan leaves at the end of the season.  What neither one expected from this arrangement was to build a strong friendship between them.  Aside from Ryan's initial deception to get the job, the relationship between Sean and him was always honest and open.  They discovered a wonderful comfortableness with one another and were able to tell each other things they have never told another living soul which led to opening the door to a love neither man has ever felt before.  For anyone looking for a sweet love story, with mild angst, that will definitely keep you smiling, The Perfect Cover is the book for you.


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