The Other Man by DJ Manly

Tarot Series: Six of Swords

eXtasy Books

GLBT Contemporary (M/M)

ISBN: 1-55410-984-1

Reviewed by Sabella



Kendal is crushed when Charlie, his lover of seven years, up and leaves him for some Twinkie he meets at the club he frequents with his friends.  One night filled with drunken, righteous indignation and Kendal confronts Aaron, the man who stole Charlie from him. Kendal ends up discovering that not all is as it seems – or as Charlie would have him believe.

Aaron is a fireman and gorgeous to boot.  When Kendal approaches him and confronts him over something he has no idea about, Aaron ends up taking Kendal home.  But will Aaron be able to convince Kendal that he is sincere in his desire to get to know Kendal better?

The Other Man is an entertaining tale about love and learning not to judge a book by its cover.  Aaron and Kendal are interesting contrasts of one another while Charlie plays the role of cheating spouse.  Aaron fills the role of the stereotypical, gorgeous and presumably shallow man. However, upon closer acquaintance we find that Aaron really has a heart of gold that is often overlooked as he is regularly judged by his looks alone.  Kendal is the “average” man that refuses to believe that a hunk like Aaron could find him attractive. Charlie is really just the bad guy and only serves as a connecting point between Kendal and Aaron.  While the storyline has a lot of potential, the characters never become “real” as they play to their stereotypes too closely to evoke any feelings from the reader, which in turn makes the moments of passion feel flat and mechanical rather than erotic.  Also, the narrative was made confusing due to the overuse of pronouns which makes it impossible at times to be sure whose point of view is being narrated and who is being described.  As well, the dialogue felt rather stilted and wooden since it seemed to repeat the points in the narrative rather than adding to it.  All in all, The Other Man is an okay read, best left for a day when you are looking for a distraction, but not an engrossing read.


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