The Mighty Flynn by Sierra Dafoe

Siren Publishing

Contemporary, Ménage a Trois

ISBN: 1-933563-76-1 

Reviewed by Ley



Geena loves Russ, he’s everything she wants in a husband-to-be – outside of the bedroom anyways. With their wedding approaching in a few days, Geena has to finally admit Russ doesn’t satisfy her sexual fantasies, but is that reason enough not to marry the man she’s so much in-love with?

Geena has fantasies, hot sexy fantasies, some involving two men.  When she meets Flynn Davies, her fiancé’s bestfriend and best man, she want more than anything for those fantasies to come true.  However, Flynn’s initial reaction toward her has her thinking he may want Russ all to himself.

The Mighty Flynn is a cute read, a bit over the top, but fun. Geena and Russ are about to be married without revealing some very important information about each other. Information that doesn’t come out until Russ’ best friend Flynn arrives for the wedding. Doctor Flynn, medicine man, brings some sexual healing to this very vanilla, at least on the surface, couple. I don’t know, but I think I would be a bit peeved about how Russ and Geena discovered that their sweet and quiet fiancés was really a freak in disguise.  They, however found it to be a turn on, I guess I can see that too, it was indeed hot especially with sexy Flynn in the middle of it all.


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